I want for MeNami to show what Japanese casual restaurant can be like for food, drink, and atmosphere… We love to create a new culture

Chae, the owner of MeNami sent the chef to Kagawa, the origin of Sanuki Udon in Japan to learn about fresh udon quality. Upon arrival, the chef called Chae ecstatic “Udon is so different! So fresh! I never had such a delicious simple fresh noodle!” This was the start of a long journey to learn how to properly master the techniques to create fresh Sanuki Udon.

We made a special dough room in order to maintain the same temperature and moisture for a full year. We installed a water softening system to get rid of minerals in order to produce a softened noodle. The saltness of the noodles is checked for every single batch.

The most challenging aspect to making fresh Sanuki Udon starts with sourcing the right flour. The available flours in North America is mainly used for baking. It took many months to figure out the right flour mix to get the precise quality of udon noodle that resulted in a soft and chewy texture.

Menami was opened at the end of February 2016. Many families and young crowds have loved the food, atmosphere, drinks, and service.

Now, Menami has put together a full bar menu with Japanese cocktails, craft beer, sakes, and many more unique drinks. It will be completely different from any other restaurant in Toronto.